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Services We Offer

In Brief

Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We provide high precision industrial metrology services to a wide range of industries in Western Canada. With over 30 years of experience in the precision measurement field, we are proud to be considered one of the premier providers of high accuracy 3-dimensional metrology solutions. Below are a selection of services we offer.


Machine Alignment

High precision measurements to cover machine positions, orientations, deformations and component relationships for material handling facilities, saw mills, pulp & paper mills, processing plants, manufacturing facilities, machine shops and more.

Hydro Electric

Full unit alignments covering all aspects from turbine rotors, stators, shafts, wicket gates and intakes to draft tubes dimensioning, scanning and modeling.

Marine - Shipbuilding

Precision alignment to maintain, improve and align propulsion, steering and weapons systems. We assist with new construction, modifications, maintenance and repair of all types of vessels including tankers, cruise ships, ferries, tugboats and submarines.

Dimensional Inspections

Assessing the geometric characteristics of machines, equipment and parts to verify compliance with design specifications and tolerances.

Scanning Services

Laser scanning and modelling of parts, buildings and terrain using state-of-the-art imaging total stations and stand-alone scanners which can rapidly create points clouds, gathering up to two million points per second.

Precision Alignment

Misalignment is a major contributor to premature breakdown in rotating machines. Precision alignment plays a vital role in preventing premature failures and keeping your equipment up and running.

If you have any requests please contact us:

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